Cellular Imaging Reagents

PerkinElmer's PhenoVue suite of cellular imaging reagents – from cell painting kits to organelle and cell compartment stains to fluorescent labelled secondary antibodies – complements our proven high-content screening instruments and image analysis software. Our PhenoVue reagents are suitable for use as high-content screening reagents as well as for other cellular imaging applications.

Cellular imaging enables the detection and analysis of a myriad of cellular components from macromolecules to organelles and cell compartments. Applicable to virtually all areas of biological research, cellular imaging is widely exploited by the scientific community, accelerating molecular and physiological understanding across a broad range of normal and disease-related cellular models.

Working together to deliver reliable, accurate, physiologically relevant results, our portfolio of cellular imaging reagents, microplates, imaging instruments, image analysis software, and automation is designed to streamline your high-content workflows and lead you to breakthroughs faster.