Cellular Imaging Reagents


Measure what was previously undetectable in high content screening (HCS) immunofluorescence assays. HCA ImagAmp kits from PerkinElmer leverage our proprietary Tyramide Signal Amplification (TSA) technology to deliver unprecedented sensitivity without compromising your image resolution.

This unique approach catalyzes covalent deposition of numerous fluorophores proximal to your target of interest. Flexible and efficient, HCA ImagAmp technology can be added to virtually any assay protocol with a simple 10-minute incubation step. With HCA ImagAmp technology, you can achieve consistent detection of weakly-expressed targets and reach your HCS research goals.

  • Quantify analytes of interest at previously undetectable levels
  • Extend quantitative range and improve reliability
  • Reduce exposure time for higher throughput
  • Conserve primary antibody while improving assay specificity
  • Enhance resolution with robust signal

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