Cell Lines


PerkinElmer's stably transfected cell lines provide a reliable platform for the GPCR research while decreasing your assay development time.

With over 300 stable GPCR cells lines for binding and functional testing and over 130 stable GPCR cells lines for calcium testing, PerkinElmer offers one of the largest collection of validated cell lines for GPCR research.

PerkinElmer cell lines include:

  • AequoScreen® cell lines are doubly transfected to co-express both Aequorin and a variety of different GPCR for calcium flux assays
  • ValiScreen® cell lines express a variety of different GPCRs
  • PhotoScreen® cell lines include photoprotein kinetic luminescence technology for measuring calcium flux in cells

Tag Lite Binding Assay
Tag Lite Binding Assay

Tag-lite® Binding Assays

PerkinElmer's Tag-lite binding assays offer straightforward add-and-read protocols to help you characterize the binding properties of compounds, regardless of their chemical structures (peptides, small or complex molecules), or pharmacological properties (agonist, antagonist, or inverse agonist).

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