Cell and Gene Therapy


The excitement surrounding cell and gene therapies predominantly stems from their potential to treat and cure diseases previously considered untreatable. This includes rare diseases, hematopoietic disorders as well as various types of cancer.

Advances in gene and cell therapy include customized treatment options where the therapeutic modality aims to

  • Correct the monogenic abnormality using in vivo gene editing approaches or
  • Harness the body’s own immune system at the cellular level using ex vivo approaches

Either way, the potential to translate into better healthcare for patients is immense.

However, the increasing biological complexity of cell and gene therapy calls for improved solutions and workflows that can help bring life-saving treatments to patients faster and make novel cures safer, more effective, durable, and affordable.

Together, we can help deliver and execute on your cell and gene therapy efforts. Our solutions range from functional genomics, gene editing, payload design, and vector optimization to cell analysis, cell counting and imaging, and bespoke personalized services.


Gene Therapy

Optimize Your Gene Therapy Workflows​

Gene therapies can either restore gene function, modulate protein expression, or edit/silence a gene to treat a disease at the genetic level. ​

In vivo gene editing uses a delivery vehicle such as a virus, for example an adeno-associated virus (AAV), or a non-viral nanoparticle which can target the gene of interest to the disease-associated tissue or organ. ​

We offer enablement and transformative solutions for your gene therapy discovery, development, and manufacturing processes: ​ ​

  • Improve your CRISPR gene editing workflows​
  • Design and characterize your delivery vector and payload cassette ​
  • Monitor the safety and efficacy of the biotherapeutic​
  • Evaluate and document your Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs)

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Cell Therapy

Elevate Your Cell Therapy Programs​

Depending on availability, immunocompatibility, and sample source, cell-based therapies can be segmented into two categories: autologous and allogenic. ​

Autologous therapies are customized to an individual patient’s needs, in which cells are enriched, modified, and injected back into the same individual to elicit a desired immunotherapeutic response. ​

In allogeneic cell-based therapies, cells or tissue (e.g., bone marrow, adipose fat) from unrelated donors are banked in large batches using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to treat larger patient populations.​

We offer enablement and transformative cellular therapy products for your discovery, development, and scale up processes: ​ ​

  • Accurately count and characterize both patient or donor-derived cells ​
  • Enrich, expand, and engineer your desired cells for CAR-T programs​
  • Establish well-defined immunoassay protocols to measure cell signaling and protein binding activity​
  • Evaluate and document your Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs)

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