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Helping scientists unravel the complexities of cancer

Cancer is not a single disease, but a complex group of hundreds of separate diseases – and the global incidences of these cancers are increasing all the time. There is an increasing urgency to understand the biology of cancer and translate that information to clinical outcomes to better treat and ultimately eradicate the disease.

We are committed to helping you explore and unravel the complexities of cancer and translate your findings into more effective treatments with a diverse range of solution tools to further your research. Whether you are studying cancer at the genomic level, elucidating cellular pathways, determining a compound’s effects on 3D tumor models, studying tumor growth in animal models, or examining the tumor and its microenvironment. We know that the next big cancer breakthrough will begin with research. And that research begins with you.

For research purposes only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Genomics Solutions for Cancer Research

Advances in genomic technologies has improved our understanding of the biology of cancer. Genomic approaches to cancer research can be use to study its mechanis ...

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Biochemical Assay Solutions Cancer Research

Our understanding of tumor biology is constantly evolving as well as new treatment strategies. Although biochemical assays have been used for decades to detect ...

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Cell-Based Solutions Cancer Research

Cell-based assays are a proven and powerful tool for gaining a more complete understanding of cancer biology, providing more meaningful results in more physiolo ...

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Animal Imaging Solutions Cancer Research

Study cancer biology and assess therapeutic efficacy in vivo. Small animal imaging is becoming an increasingly important tool for studying cancer research by pr ...

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Highlighted Applications

Immuno-oncology & Immunotherapy Research

Over the past decade immuno-oncology (I-O) has emerged as an exciting area of personalized medicine because of its tremendous potential to harness the body’s im ...

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Single Cell ICP-MS for Cancer Research

Metal-based chemotherapies such as Cisplatin are the most widely used class of drugs for the treatment of various cancers. Initially patients respond well to th ...

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