Biomolecular Target ID & Validation

The early stages of biomolecular discovery comprise of target identification and validation. Molecular characterization and cellular and in vivo imaging technologies, physiologically relevant and predictive model systems, and data analytics software enable identification and validation of disease targets.

PerkinElmer is streamlining drug discovery workflows by providing integrated solutions for screening including automated liquid handling, assays and reagents, imaging, detection systems, and informatics.

Automation, Sample Preparation and Microfuidics Solutions

Automated workflow solutions for nucleic acid isolation and PCR setup, NGS sample prep, long-read sequencing, CRISPR fragment analysis, molecular cytogenetics and protein characterization. By enabling complete application-based solutions PerkinElmer increases your throughput while simplifying the generation of accurate, reproducible analysis.

  • NGS Workflows
  • PCR Workflows

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Target ID

Target Based Discovery Solutions

Our phenotype-oriented target identification and validation techniques enable direct correlations between genetic alterations and disease phenotypes, reducing the risk of failures at early stages. When combined, our in vitro and in vivo methods provide the most accurate prediction of target relevance in human disease.

  • Cellular imaging for in vitro target validation
  • In vivo imaging for target discovery
  • Allow for capture and analysis of all experimental data via our electronic laboratory notebook and data analytic solutions to transform big data into bigger results

Phenotypic Discovery Solutions

PerkinElmer provides a range of solutions - including instruments, informatics, automation and microplates - for high content imaging and analysis, and phenotypic screening of live cells, 3D cell models, stem cells, that can be tailored by our team of experts to meet your lab's needs.

  • Well-imaging
  • High-Content Screening
  • 3D Cell Culture Plates
  • Automation and Liquid Handling
  • Data Analysis

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Protein-Protein Interaction Solutions

Modulation of protein interactions can affect signal transduction, growth factor, gene expression, and other factors, making it a promising new avenue for protein-base treatments. Development of protein-based therapeutics requires a thorough understanding of protein function and interactions.

Our protein-protein interaction assays and instruments allow fast, multimode detection of protein-protein interactions for drug discovery.

The full measurement capabilities of our protein-protein interaction analysis technologies include:

  • Transient and stable interactions
  • Low-to-high affinity interactions (pM to mM affinity)
  • Full-length protein-protein binding
  • Peptide-protein

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Screening Reagents

Our no-wash Alpha and TR-FRET technologies offer a simple, straightforward homogeneous workflow.

Still need wash steps?

Our TRF technology offers advantages over traditional ELISAs while maintain the wash steps.

Our assay technologies:

  • Alpha
  • HTRF
  • LANCE Ultra

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