Biomarker and Drug Discovery

The process of drug discovery is challenging enough, but compounds and biologics in central nervous system (CNS) pipelines can face unique challenges. These include, the need for innovative drug delivery methods that overcome the blood-brain barrier to ensure bioavailability of the therapies to the brain and nervous system. Neurogenerative diseases are also challenging to assess early at pre-symptomatic stages where proper intervention could help ameliorate or delay the onset of severe symptoms. Therefore, researchers in academia and biotech, in conjunction with pharma collaborators, are placing large efforts into biomarker discovery using cutting edge molecular detection techniques.

Outside of classic small molecules, the fields of biologics, gene therapies, immunotherapies, and regenerative medicine are being explored in the hope that they may lead to a cure for neurodegenerative disorders. We strive to assist scientists and pharma in overcoming the hurdles of biomarker and drug discovery to accelerate research of innovative drugs with our high-throughput screening, high-content imaging, and pre-clinical in vivo imaging solutions amenable to automation.

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Lead Optimization

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