Biologics Potency

Relative potency of a biological drug product is determined by comparing the biological response with a control via determination of mode of action. Since the biologic drug is a large molecule, stability of the product during development and storage, and its impact on dosage and activity are critical quality attributes that need evaluation.

Bioassays including cell-based assays help determine the potency of the drug substance, as well as evaluate the reproducibility and stability of the drug product.

Assay platforms, automation and bioanalytical solutions from PerkinElmer offer higher throughput and robust workflows to establish reproducible methods to guarantee potency determination of the large drug molecule during late stage drug discovery.

Automated Liquid Handling

With dedicated workstations designed for a diverse variety of applications, along with the ability to customize liquid handling workstations based on your needs, PerkinElmer's innovative automated liquid handling solutions enable you to minimize errors, reduce hands-on time, and increase throughput and reproducibility.

With flexibility in throughput, capacity and dynamic volume range, remote error monitoring through a cloud-based platform, high quality manufacturing standards, and outstanding customer service and support, PerkinElmer offers automated liquid handling solutions optimized to meet your laboratory's needs.

  • JANUS® G3 Liquid Handlers
  • Sciclone® G3 Liquid Handlers
  • Zephyr® G3 Liquid Handlers

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21 CFR Part 11 Microplate Reader

Our gold-standard for high-throughput screening, the EnVision provides exceptional sensitivity and speed with minimal downtime – backed by our global network of application scientists and engineers.

Key Features

  • Proprietary Direct Double Optics deliver a full lens system for maximum speed and sensitivity (EnVision 2105 HTS system only)
  • The fastest mode uses an innovative "on the fly"-detection - making EnVision exceptionally fast in measuring absorbance or fluorescence intensity on a 1536-well plate - less than 36 seconds including plate loading times
  • Field upgradeable for changing application needs
  • User-changeable, label-specific optical mirror modules and filters for assay customization with positive identification of measurement configuration (barcodes)
  • Integrated barcode reading enables barcode reading from short right side and both long sides of the plate

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Assay Platforms

Our no-wash Alpha and TR-FRET technologies offer a simple, straightforward homogeneous workflow.

Still need wash steps?

Our TRF technology offers advantages over traditional ELISAs while maintain the wash steps.

Our assay technologies:

  • Alpha
  • HTRF
  • LANCE Ultra

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