Biologics Identity

Identification of the biological product during late drug discovery is an important step to establish the specific type of molecule being developed and launched as a therapeutic, e.g., monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein, nucleic acid vectors or viral vectors. Various techniques can be utilized to confirm the identity of the biological product.

Specific identification of the large molecule of interest or active therapeutic is critical for downstream characterization, scale up, purification, and compliant release of the final product and rely on solutions that enable identity of the protein, nucleic acid or viral vector comprise of sample preparation, detection, and molecular characterization.

PerkinElmer offers a wide array of molecular, biochemical, bioanalytical, and analytical solutions to facilitate unambiguous detection of the large therapeutic molecule of interest and mitigate several of the challenges faces in later stages of drug development.

JANUS Liquid Handler Workstations

PerkinElmer understands that your needs change. The JANUS® G3 workstation meets those changing needs. Some labs want to be able to modify their existing protocols. Making minor modifications like changing the height of tips or removing lids from a plate can be difficult to impossible with other liquid handling platforms without adding a programmer to your staff or contacting the manufacturer to get changes to your automated methods made.

The software incorporated in the JANUS® G3 workstation makes modifying protocols or even creating them easy. Now your liquid handler can meet the needs of your experiment instead of changing them to meet your programs requirements.

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Protein Characterization Solutions

Protein characterization involves both upstream protein purification optimization, as well as the downstream characterization of its purity, structure and function. Miniaturization of small-scale protein purification provides greater process optimization with larger QbD and DOE studies allowing for parallel processing of samples for increased statistical significance and greater breadth of variables within experimental shorter time frames.

PerkinElmer is committed to accelerating this process to help life science researchers make critical decisions earlier in the protein development workflow. Researchers can now screen for optimal protein characteristics earlier in the process, integrating Quality by Design initiatives into their protein therapeutic development workflow.

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21 CFR Part 11 Microplate Reader

Our gold-standard for high-throughput screening, the EnVision provides exceptional sensitivity and speed with minimal downtime – backed by our global network of application scientists and engineers.

Key Features

  • Proprietary Direct Double Optics deliver a full lens system for maximum speed and sensitivity (EnVision 2105 HTS system only)
  • The fastest mode uses an innovative "on the fly"-detection - making EnVision exceptionally fast in measuring absorbance or fluorescence intensity on a 1536-well plate - less than 36 seconds including plate loading times
  • Field upgradeable for changing application needs
  • User-changeable, label-specific optical mirror modules and filters for assay customization with positive identification of measurement configuration (barcodes)
  • Integrated barcode reading enables barcode reading from short right side and both long sides of the plate

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Assay Platforms

Our no-wash Alpha and TR-FRET technologies offer a simple, straightforward homogeneous workflow.

Still need wash steps?

Our TRF technology offers advantages over traditional ELISAs while maintain the wash steps.

Our assay technologies:

  • Alpha
  • HTRF
  • LANCE Ultra

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