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Benchtop NIR Analyzers

Our lab/at-line instruments are extremely versatile, ideal for everything from incoming ingredients to processed samples and finished products. Grains, pellets, powders, slurries, and liquids can all be analyzed on a single instrument, too. They’re accurate, simple to install and use, and provide millers the critical monitoring information they need to optimize processing decisions.

The DA 7250 At-line NIR Analyzer tests samples for moisture, protein, fat, and ash – with little or no sample preparation – in less than 10 seconds.

The PerkinElmer FT 9700 analyzes for moisture, protein, oil, and more in about a minute. Moreover, its extended wavelength range is perfect for challenging applications such as amino acid and fatty acid profiles.

DA 7250 At-line NIR Instrument

The DA 7250 NIR analyzer is the third generation diode array NIR instrument from PerkinElmer, designed specifically for analysis in the food and agri industries. It combines outstanding analytical accuracy with speed, ease of use, ruggedness, and versatility. DA 7250 calibrations are available for a wide range of applications, and measures moisture, protein, fat, fiber, starch and many other parameters in all types of samples – powders, pellets, grains, pastes, cakes, meal, and slurries.

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FT 9700 Bench-top FT-NIR instrument

Feed-, food-, and grain-processing plants across the globe need quick, accurate, and reliable analyses to monitor the quality of incoming raw materials and finished products. The PerkinElmer FT 9700 is a compact, high-performance, full-wavelength-range Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) spectrometer with a touchscreen interface and low-maintenance design, ideal for food and agricultural product analysis.

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Inframatic 9520 NIR Flour Analyzer

The Inframatic 9520 is the new dedicated NIR instrument for flour and semolina. In less than 30 seconds it provides accurate results for ash, moisture, protein and other key components. The Inframatic 9520 produces quality data to monitor and optimize the milling degree. With rapid results process improvements can be carried out in real-time. Flour quality is essential to all baking products. Delivering a product according to specifications is of great importance. With the Inframatic 9520 the flour can be delivered and checked with a high level of confidence without time-consuming chemical methods.

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PerkinElmer NetPlus

PerkinElmer NetPlus is a powerful networking and reporting software suite for NIR, NIT, FTIR and FTNIR instruments. Monitor your analysis results and configure your NIR instruments from anywhere, at any time. Our web based NetPlus suite provides access wherever you are.

NetPlus Reports gives you access to analysis results. Monitor production, verify quality of ingredient shipments or get an update on latest analyses. See the results in tables and charts on your laptop.

NetPlus Remote lets you configure instruments, monitor performance and update calibrations. Whether you manage one instrument or an NIR network of one hundred instruments, NetPlus Remote streamlines your tasks.

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