Automated Solutions for High-Throughput Screening Workflows

Drug discovery workflows require tools and technologies that can support a broad range of current and future applications including multiple microplate formats, liquid transfer volumes and detection based read-out methods. The explorer G3 integrated HTS workstations are designed to fulfill those diverse needs.

Examples of explorer G3 integrated workstations developed to meet customers’ high-throughput screening needs are below.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

High-throughput 1536 Well Plate Target Discovery

This explorer G3 integrated HTS workstation offers versatility needed for high throughput screening processes offering a fully capable integrated screening system designed to automate the entire screening process.

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High-throughput AlphaLISA ELISA Alternative Screening

This explorer G3 integrated HTS workstation is a fully automated, high-throughput workstation that incorporates AlphaLISA® technology, a novel, homogeneous, bead-based immunoassay to replace traditional ELISA assays in drug discovery, diagnostics and basic research.

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Multimodule Ultra-High Throughput Screening Platform

This is a custom, multimodule system that was developed to accommodate both ultra-high-throughput screening and high content screening in one, integrated platform.

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