Assay Development Workflows

Assay Development workflow with small scale automation and detection with an integrated data flow for traceability

Assay development in the drug discovery process is a time intensive process. This process requires a great deal of iteration and manual labor. Determining the correct assay conditions and specifications carries a certain amount of risk, since it requires significant knowledge and time investment. Protein-protein interaction assays are particularly difficult to develop and optimize. To combat these issues, researchers use many different technologies and platforms. With this Assay Development solution, we developed an end-to-end platform that is fully integrated, automated, and optimally configured.

The JANUS® G3 Assay Development workstation is a single solution for assay development. This system combines PerkinElmer Signals VitroVivo software, JANUS liquid handling and the VICTOR® Nivo plate reader to create an automated iterative design process for homogenous time-resolved fluorescence (HTRF®) assay development.

Create High Performing Assays

By combining the power of informatics, automation, high throughput plate readers, and high-quality reagents can be used to develop high quality assays that can be used to screen for drugs that can disrupt protein-protein interactions.

The solution automates the manual steps of the workflow empowering the user with optimal combination and concentrations of reagents for the assay, as well as data analysis at the back end of the workflow.

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