Animal Imaging Solutions for Cancer Research

Study cancer biology and assess therapeutic efficacy in vivo.

Quantum GX2Small animal imaging is becoming an increasingly important tool for studying cancer research by providing investigators with unique capabilities to non-invasively detect and characterize cancer in vivo.

Whether you are monitoring tumor growth and progression, angiogenesis, metastases, performing drug efficacy and toxicology studies, or enhancing your understanding of cancer biology pathways, we have the tools to help with your next cancer discovery.

For research purposes only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Imaging Systems

In Vivo Optical Imaging - Gain deeper insights into tumor growth, progression, cancer biology pathways and more with IVIS® and FMT® series

  • 2D bioluminescence and fluorescence
  • 3D optical tomography
  • Spectral unmixing capabilities

MicroCT Imaging - Determine anatomical changes related to cancer biology using the Quantum GX2 microCT imaging system

  • High-resolution, low dose x-ray ideal for measuring tumor progression over time
  • Multiple Field of Views (FOVs) - 18, 36, 72, 86 mm
  • Multispecies imaging capabilities (zebrafish, mice, rats, rabbits)

Imaging Reagents

Bioluminescent Oncology Cell Lines - Track cancer growth early using ultra bright Bioware® luciferase labeled oncology cell lines in combination with our bioluminescent substrates or generate your own bioluminescence primary and cancer cell lines using RediFect RedFluc and Renilla lentiviral particles.


Bioluminescent Substrates - Get readouts from your luciferase oncology cell line(s) utilizing luciferin or coelenterazine tested and validated using IVIS® optical imaging systems.

Fluorescent Agents, Labeling Kits & Dyes - Image cancer and inflammation-related biomarkers to characterize cancer progression and detect treatment effects earlier, with our wide range of fluorescent imaging probes, cell labels, and dyes.

Radioimaging & Radiotherapeutics - Visualize complex biological processes of cancer metabolism, cell tracking, or immuno responses in vivo.

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