AlphaLISA Cellular Epigenetics Kits


Measure mark specific modulation of histones in cell lysates Investigate epigenetic effects in a more biologically relevant context with the first homogenous assay kits for direct detection of endogenous histone mark modification. Our novel AlphaLISA® Cellular Detection Kits enable interrogation of epigenetic effects directly in cells. These rapid assays are optimized for simplicity and throughput, while providing the flexibility to work with your most relevant cell models.The AlphaLISA Epigenetic Cellular Detection Kits enable rapid and direct detection of endogenous modification of epigenetic marks on histones. These no wash, all -in -one -well assays are optimized for simplicity and throughput.

  • Simple assay protocol amenable to automation, eliminating tedious ELISAs and Westerns
  • Suitable for endogenous and recombinant cell lines, providing the flexibility to work with relevant cell models
  • Ideal for HTS protocols with demonstrated Z’ factors greater than 0.6

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Assay Target
  • Histone H2A (1)
  • Histone H3 (9)
  • Histone H4 (1)
  • Epigenetics (11)
  • Protein Analysis & Detection (1)
Molecular Modification
  • Acetylation (2)
  • Methylation (6)
  • Total (1)
  • Unmodified (1)

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