Adulteration & Authenticity

Analytical technologies from PerkinElmer help food processors and regulators authenticate and protect the integrity and quality of the products they produce. Whether the threat is known or unknown we offer a range of targeted and non-targeted solutions to aid in the fight against food fraud.

From geographic origin to dilution, substitution, or product enhancement, we have the instrumentation and expertise to help you protect your brand. And as adulterants evolve and become more sophisticated, we consistently add new innovative solutions to our detection capabilities to keep you one step ahead.

Geographic Origin

Food and beverage producers, in response to increasing food fraud, are seeking to verify the geographic origin of raw materials and finished products.

For example, the quality and price of wine is partly determined by the source of the grapes used to produce it, and the traceability of the wine origin is important for brand protection. Elemental profiling using our ICP-MS systems and related statistical software correlates the levels of trace metals in wines to the soil , which can be used to differentiate their geographical origin.

Similar analyses conducted on other high level goods, such as olive oils, may confirm their geographic origin.


Adulteration has been around for thousands of years, however the 2007 melamine crisis in China was the first widely reported incidence of animals and babies falling ill en masse. To help protect consumers around the globe, we are arming food companies and processors with the tools to detect and prevent this threat.

For example:

  • Adulterant screen software on our FT-IR and FT- NIR systems enables you to perform – in one minute or less -- pass/ fail screening for adulterants, with no sample preparation and minimal scientific background required.
  • Our milk powder analyzer applies advanced algorithms to screen for both known and unknown adulterants. It also performs the same fast nutritional parameter measurements routinely used for protein, moisture and fat.
  • Our GC/MS solution measures melamine down to regulated limits as defined by multiple international regulatory bodies.

These are just a few examples of the innovative technologies offered by PerkinElmer that help researchers to identify intentional ingredient substitutions in food products to protect the world’s supply chain.

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