Introducing the next BIG thing in tissue imaging, Vectra® Polaris™


Vectra Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System

Say hello to the first multi-modal digital pathology instrument that integrates both multispectral imaging and automated whole slide scanning.

Vectra® Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System better visualizes, analyses, quantifies, and phenotypes immune cells in situ, in FFPE tissue sections and TMAs, so you can unlock the promise of precision medicine.

  • Fully automated, high throughput multispectral imaging system
  • Fast and efficient digital whole slide scanning speeds, comparable to standalone systems
  • On-the-fly, continuous slide loading allows unlimited throughput
  • Flexible data analysis, compatible with many image analysis software platforms
  • Supports PerkinElmer's Phenoptics workflow solution for Cancer Immunology Research

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Using multiplexed IHC

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Multiplexed IHC Unlocks The Hidden Clues Of The Immunological Microenvironment

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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