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  • Accessories (1)
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Product Brand Name
  • ATPlite 3D (2)
  • DELFIA (1)
  • EnSight (1)
  • EnVision (1)
  • IVIS (1)
  • NexION (2)
  • Operetta (3)
  • Spectrum Two N (1)
Detection Method
  • Absorbance (2)
  • Alpha (2)
  • DELFIA TRF (1)
  • Fluorescence (2)
  • Fluorescence Polarization (1)
  • Image-based Cytometry (1)
  • Luminescence (4)
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) (3)
  • TruQms (1)
Automation Compatible
  • Yes (5)
  • 100.0 µg/mL (1)
  • 30.0 cm (1)
  • 69.0 cm (2)
Experimental Type
  • In vitro (1)
  • Microplates (1)
Imaging Modality
  • Optical Imaging (1)
Product Compatibility
  • Opera Phenix Plus (1)
  • Operetta (4)
  • Operetta CLS AND Opera Phenix (1)
Number of Elements
  • Single (1)
Product Group
  • Instrument (1)
  • Software and Informatics (3)
Standard Type
  • USP/ICH (1)
  • ICP Mass Spectrometry (2)
  • Infrared (IR) (1)
Technology Type
  • ICP-MS (1)
  • 101-150 (1)
Detector Type
  • InGaAs (1)
  • LiTaO3 (1)

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1-12 of 21 Products & Services

  • IVIS Lumina S5 high throughput, high sensitivity optical in vivo imaging system

    IVIS Lumina S5 Imaging System

    The IVIS® Lumina S5 high-throughput 2D optical imaging system combines high-sensitivity bioluminescence and fluorescence in a benchtop format. With an expanded 5 mouse field of view for 2D optical imaging plus our unique line of accessories to accelerate setup and labeling, it has never been easier or faster to get robust data—and answers—on anatomical and molecular aspects of disease.
  • Spectrum Two N FT-NIR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two N FT-NIR Spectrometer

    The Spectrum Two N is a high-performance, yet robust and transportable FT-NIR system platform enabling simple, reliable NIR analyses. It’s the perfect system for labs that need to combine high-end performance with the ease-of-use features of a portable instrument, allowing users with different levels of expertise, from novice to seasoned professionals, to be proficient with it in no time.
  • NexION 2000B ICP-MS

    NexION 2000 ICP Mass Spectrometer

    PerkinElmer’s NexION® 2000 is the most versatile ICP-MS on the market, featuring an array of unique technologies that combine to deliver the highest performance no matter what your analytical challenge. Discover the effortless versatility of an instrument that makes it easy to handle any sample matrix, any interference, and any particle size.

    PerkinElmer received on April 11, 2018 the Application Award from LaborPraxis in the category Bio and Pharma Analysis for the NexION 2000 ICP-MS. We were awarded this prize during analytica 2018 in Munich, Germany, in acknowledgment of a new technique enabling users to quantify the amount of metal in an individual cell for the first time.
  • NexION 1000B ICP-MS

    NexION 1000 ICP Mass Spectrometer

    The NexION® 1000 ICP-MS is the ideal high-throughput system for routine, multi-elemental, trace-level analyses that meet regulatory standards – and that works within your budget. It features a host of proprietary technologies that combine to deliver exceptional speed and operational simplicity, making your lab more efficient than ever before.
  • EnSight Multimode Plate Reader

    EnSight Multimode Plate Reader

    The EnSight® multimode plate reader offers HTS Alpha, Ultra-sensitive Luminescence and fast well-imaging technologies alongside conventional multimode detection technologies. Imaging & online data analysis is fast: a 384-well plate can be imaged in less than 5 mins. The system’s modular design, combined with workflow-based Kaleido data acquisition & analysis software, gives a truly versatile plate reader that gets users productive quickly.
  • EnVision Multimode Plate Reader

    EnVision Multimode Plate Reader

    The EnVision® 2105 multimode plate reader provides exceptional speed, ultra-high throughput, and maximum sensitivity across all detection technologies. Tried and tested, the EnVision microplate reader gives you robust performance and reliable data for high throughput screening, time after time.

    The EnVision 2105 model delivers even higher sensitivity for time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) applications, and the Enhanced Security software option includes tools to facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for integration into regulated environments (GxP).

  • ATPlite 1-step 3D kit

    ATPlite 1step 3D, 10 mL kit

    ATP-monitoring luminescence assay for quantitative evaluation of proliferation and cytotoxicity of mammalian cells cultured in 3D spheroids. The 1-step format only requires one addition step, and can be used for continuous processing.
    List Price : 93.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
  • DELFIA Cell proliferation Kit

    DELFIA®Cell proliferation kit, 10 x 96 wells

    DELFIA® time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) cell proliferation kit for measuring cytotoxicity or proliferation in mammalian cells.
    List Price : 904.00 USD
  • ATPlite 3D Kit

    ATPlite 3D, 300 assay point kit

    ATP-monitoring luminescence assay for quantitative evaluation of proliferation and cytotoxicity of mammalian cells cultured in 3D spheroids.
    List Price : 183.00 USD
  • Osmium (Os) Pure Plus Single-Element Standard

    Osmium (Os) Pure Plus Standard

    Each Single Element Calibration Standard for ICP-MS is supplied with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis that documents the quality and reliability.
    List Price : 527.00 USD
  • Operetta high-content analysis system xenon exchange bulb unit

    Xenon Exchange Bulb for Operetta High-Content Imaging System

    Xenon Exchange Bulb for Operetta High-Content Imaging System
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