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LAMBDA 365+ UV/Vis Spectrometer

The new LAMBDA® 365+ double-beam UV/Vis spectrometer delivers the performance researchers and analysts need to measure high absorbance liquids and unravel chemical kinetics. The large sample compartment and wide range of accessories fully integrated with software provide sampling flexibility and simplified workflows to meet all throughput needs without requiring extensive training.

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Offering high stability and low stray light, the LAMBDA 365+ double-beam UV/Vis spectrometer delivers a variable spectral bandwidth capability from 0.5 nm to 20 nm and a large sample compartment that can easily accommodate more than 10 sampling accessory combinations. Easy-to-install accessories with software recognition minimize setup time and effort, and multicell changers (optional) are automatically aligned by the instrument software to optimize the sample position for the best results in a wide range of routine applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical QA/QC & dissolution testing
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Environmental testing
  • Academia
  • Chemicals
  • Lubricants and coolants
  • Optics
  • Food
  • Analytical testing

The innovative LAMBDA 365+ is designed with your needs in mind to offer you:

High Performance

  • Measure higher absorbing liquids (up to 4A)
  • Unravel chemical kinetics with faster scan speeds
  • Higher wavelength reproducibility, photometric repeatability, and lower stray light

Simplified Workflows

  • Fast and easy analysis with built-in methods
  • Low maintenance with streamlined lamp change process
  • Improved productivity and easier operation with optional touchscreen

Maximum Flexibility

  • Large sample compartment to accommodate a wide range of samples and accessories
  • Automated and economical sampling based for high-throughput

The modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use UVWinLab software is designed for simplicity and efficiency in data collection, processing and generating results. The Enhanced Security (ES) version mirrors the way you work, guiding you through method development, analysis, reporting, and results in simple steps. With advanced software capabilities such as macros and sample tables, it’s easy to personalize all stages of your analysis.

Autosamplers fully integrated with software

  • Optimize automated sampling with auto sipper accessory and S20 series autosamplers
  • Save parameters to your method for streamlined analysis workflow

Simplified data exports

  • Data export options built into the analysis method for easy exporting of sample data in several common formats including .csv and ASCII.
  • Export your data to excel, an external server or LIMS system

In-built performance validation methods

  • Easily troubleshoot and resolve issues by making use of over 20 instrument performance validation (IPV) tests
  • Monitor the performance of the instrument quickly and easily with these tests

Easy back up and data retrieval

  • Manage your data effortlessly with UVWinlab database tool to ensure you keep your data safe and secure

21 CFR Part 11 compliance

  • Multilevel user permissions, password-protected access control, method-lock facility, and fully configurable e-signature points

Reduce lab footprint with LAMBDA 365+ Touch

  • Eliminate PC and a monitor with touch-enabled instrument control
  • Reduced lab footprint and free up valuable space


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Depth 59.5 cm
Height 27.2 cm
Model Name LAMBDA 365+
Product Brand Name LAMBDA 365+
Technology Type UV/Vis Spectroscopy
Weight 23.8 kg
Width 53.5 cm
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Application Note

Determination of Nitrite levels in Engine Coolant

A major cause of engine failure behind lubricant failure is that of the coolant. Formulations of engine coolant (also known as antifreeze) consist of glycol, water and an additive package. Although the additives can differ by their chemistry and formulation, the function of the additives in the f ...

PDF 382 KB
Monitoring of Protein Folding and Unfolding using UV/Vis Spectroscopy

a-chymotrypsinogen is a precursor, or zymogen, of chymotrypsin. Chymotrypsin fulfils the role of breaking down proteins into smaller peptides in the digestive tract. It also displays an interesting property in that, when it unfolds due to thermal denaturation, it is able to refold when cooled bac ...

PDF 200 KB


LAMBDA 365+ Interactive Brochure

QA/QC analysts and lab technicians in a wide variety of fields – pharma and biopharma, applied materials, optics, food, and academia among them – need to analyze samples quickly, accurately, and easily through their UV/Vis systems, with better turnaround times, confidence in results, and increase ...


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