LabChip XT/XTe Software Readme

Software Version:  LabChip XT/XTe V2.0

This file provides information about LabChip XT/XTe software. Please read this information carefully as it supersedes all printed material or Online Help.


The LabChip XT software controls the LabChip XT instrument and the LabChip XTe software controls the LabChip XTe instrument. The LabChip XT/XTe software is also used to analyze and compare data in the form of gels or graphs across different channels from the same or different LabChip XT or XTe data files. The LabChip XT software can be installed in Reviewer mode to be used only for data analysis.


The LabChip XT software enables you to create custom methods, change the analysis settings, and compare data with similar characteristics by applying filters. Results can be exported to graphic files or .csv (comma separated values) files. The 21 CFR Part 11 option can be installed on the LabChip XT computer to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The 21 CFR Part 11 option supports remote data backup to a database on a network server. Use the CDR Server Utility software to set up the remote server.

System Requirements for LabChip XT/XTe Software

U.S. English Version of Microsoft© Windows 7 (32-bit)

Minimum RAM: 1Gb (2Gb recommended)

System Requirements for Remote CDR Server (LabChip XT only)

U.S. English Version of Microsoft® Windows 7 (32-bit)

Available Hard Disk Space: 10 - 20Gb (depending on use)

Minimum RAM: 1Gb (2Gb recommended)

LabChip XT/XTe Software Installation

To install the LabChip XT/XTe software on Windows 7:

1. Close all open programs.

2. Insert the LabChip XT/XTe Installation CD into the CD-ROM drive. Installation starts automatically.

3. If the AutoPlay window opens, select Run Setup.exe.

4. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

5. When starting the LabChip XT/XTe software for the first time, a Windows Security Alert may display for CaliperServiceHost-Windows and for LabChip. Click the Allow Access button to start the LabChip XT/XTe software properly. These windows will only display the first time you start the LabChip XT/XTe software.


If the installation does not automatically start:

1. From the Start menu, select Run.

2. Type d:\setup.exe (or type the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive).

3. Click the OK button.

4. Follow the instructions above to install the software.


CDR Server Utility Software Installation (LabChip XT only)

To install or set up the remote CDR, you must log onto the Remote Server computer as a Windows administrator.

For security purposes, files and folders on the remote server pc should not be shared or accessible by regular users on the network.

If Subversion V1.5 or higher is installed on the remote server, a dialog prompts you to manually uninstall subversion. Installation will not continue until Subversion is uninstalled. After manually uninstalling Subversion, restart the installation.


To install the CDR Server Utility software on Windows 7:

1. In Windows Explorer, double-click on CDRServerUtilitySetup.exe.

2. Follow the instructions in the InstallShield wizard.

3. If this is the first time the CDR Server Utility is installed, you must restart the computer.


To start the CDR Server Utility software, right-click on the desktop icon and select ‘Run as Administrator.’


Troubleshooting Remote CDR Server installation:

1. After creating the server, verify the windows service ‘Subversion’ is running.

2. The Remote and Local computers should be in the same workgroup. If they are not in same workgroup, use the IP Address instead of the computer name when specifying the remote CDR server on the LabChip XT computer.

3. After creating the server and folder, if the Get Folder Details check box was selected, the server name, folder name, username, and password are saved in a text file in “C:\Program Files\Caliper Life Sciences\CDRServer\ServerDetails”. This information is required for backing up the local folder on the LabChip XT computer to the remote CDR folder.


To uninstall the LabChip XT/XTe software:


1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel.

2. Double click on Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

3. Select LabChip XT/XTe from the list of installed programs.

4. Click on the Remove button to uninstall the LabChip XT/XTe software.

New Features in LabChip XT/XTe V2.0 Software

·         Added feature in LabChip XT software to import Sample Name in the Start Fractionation window and Run File Editor window. (XT-1372)

·         New Flush Sample mode enables recovery of unfractionated sample after Extract and Stop mode. (XT-1230)

·         Exclusion Range is now the entire range of the assay to enable selecting fragments from LM + 1BP to size of last Ladder Peak. (XT-1227)

·         The command to read the mirror image of the barcode is now sent to the barcode reader automatically each time the LabChip XT/XTe software connects to the barcode reader. (XT-864)

·         Added Zero Current test to Diagnostics. (XT-1276)

·         Deleting steps while the run is paused is no longer supported. (XT-1466)

Resolved Issues in LabChip XT/XTe V2.0 Software

·         "Null value not allowed" error no longer occurs while updating Expected Peaks filter without any property selected in the Property Displayed in Channel Table column. (XT-1120)

·         When restoring the chip to another data file version with a different chip name, the name displayed in the chip view is now updated. (XT-1295)

·         An Unhandled Exception no longer occurs when trying to print a report after removing the corresponding view from the layout. (XT-1268)

·         In the System Diagnostics Report window, the link to the Detailed Result file now opens the specified log file. (XT-1266)

·         The Export window now displays the default export path instead of the last path used. (XT-1329)

·         The Instrument Qualification (Validation ŕ Software IQ) is now enabled in CFR Mode even when the instrument is disconnected. (XT-1307)

·         Version History now displays an appropriate message if the data file is updated by the software to the current version. (XT-1269)

·         Saving a chip during a run is not supported. (XT-641)

·         Changes to steps that have already been completed or are in process are not permitted while the run is paused. (XT-1409)

Known Issues in LabChip XT/XTe V2.0 Software

·         Flush Sample runs all channels to maximum separation time instead of ending each after assay separation time has expired. (XT-1452)

·         Software allows adding Flush Sample step after Exclude mode but does not allow updating the step before a Flush Sample step to Exclude mode. (XT-1443)

·         Peak edits during the run are not logged in Version History. (XT-1439)

·         In the Electropherogram, the Remove option on the right-click context menu is disabled immediately after the run. Close the data file or workspace and re-open to enable the Remove option. (XT-1421)

·         A new, empty folder is created in the CDR with the current Date as the folder name when the user performs the Chip Test without performing the run. (XT-1420)

·         Chip View and other controls that use numeric coordinates are distorted on changing the Display settings of the Win7 computer. Make sure that this option is always set to Smaller (100%). (XT-1333)

·         The Run Status view overlaps the collection layout view when the user toggles the Chip view from AutoHide to Dockable. The workaround to restore the view is use Windows->Cascade to bring main screen to front, then return to Window->Tabbed. (XT-1402)



Complete documentation is available in the LabChip XT.chm HTML Help file (accessible by selecting Helpŕ LabChip XT/XTe Help in the software) or in the LabChip XT User Manual.pdf.


The PDF documents included on this CD are best viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.0 or later.

If your PC does not have Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.0 or later currently installed, go to the Adobe web site at http:\\ and download the latest version of the Reader.


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