LabChip GX Software Readme

Software Version:  LabChip GX V4.2 SP2

This file provides information about LabChip GX software. Please read this information carefully as it supersedes all printed material or Online Help.


The LabChip GX software controls the LabChip GX and LabChip GX II instruments. The LabChip GX software is also used to analyze and compare data in the form of gels or graphs across different wells from the same or different LabChip GX data files. The software can also compare data with similar characteristics by applying filters. Results can be exported to graphic files or .csv (comma separated values) files. The software can be installed in Reviewer mode to be used only for data analysis. The 21 CFR Part 11 option can be installed on the LabChip GX computer to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. To use the 21 CFR Part 11 option, the PerkinElmer 21 CFR Part 11 USB key must be installed. The 21 CFR Part 11 option supports remote data backup to a database on a network server. Use the CDR Server Utility software to set up the remote server.

System Requirements for LabChip GX Software (Instrument Mode)

LabChip GX software only supports the following Windows Operating Systems:
U.S English Version of Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher

U.S. English, Professional Full Version of Microsoft® Windows 7 (32-bit) SP1 or higher

Minimum RAM: 1Gb (2Gb recommended)

System Requirements for LabChip GX Software (Reviewer Mode)

LabChip GX software in Reviewer Mode only supports the following Windows Operating Systems:
U.S English Version of Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher

U.S. English, Professional Full Version of Microsoft® Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) SP1 or higher

Minimum RAM: 1Gb (2Gb recommended)

System Requirements for Remote CDR Server

The Caliper Remote CDR Server only supports the 32-bit version of the following Windows Operating Systems:
U.S. English Version of Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 3 or higher, OR Microsoft® Windows 7

Available Hard Disk Space: 10 - 20Gb (depending on use)

Minimum RAM: 1Gb (2Gb recommended)

LabChip GX Software Installation

To install the LabChip GX software, you must be logged into the LabChip GX computer as a Windows Administrator.


To run the LabChip GX software, the user must be an Administrator, Restricted User, Standard User, or Power User.


To install the LabChip GX software on Windows XP or Windows 7:

1. Close all open programs.

2. Insert the LabChip GX Installation media.

3. Follow the instructions in the InstallShield wizard.


If the installation does not start automatically:

1. Close all open programs.

2. In Windows Explorer, double-click setup.exe on the installation media.

3. Follow the instructions in the InstallShield wizard.


CDR Server Utility Software Installation

To install or set up the remote CDR, you must log onto the Remote Server computer as a Windows administrator.

For security purposes, files and folders on the remote server computer should not be shared or accessible by regular users on the network.

If Subversion V1.5 or higher is installed on the remote server, a dialog prompts you to manually uninstall subversion. Installation will not continue until Subversion is uninstalled. After manually uninstalling Subversion, restart the installation.


To install the CDR Server Utility software on Windows XP or Windows 7:

1. In Windows Explorer, double-click CDRServerUtilitySetup.exe.

2. Follow the instructions in the InstallShield wizard.

3. If this is the first time the CDR Server Utility is installed, you must restart the computer.


To start the CDR Server Utility software, right-click on the desktop icon and select ‘Run as Administrator.’


Troubleshooting Remote CDR Server installation:

1. After creating the server, verify the windows service ‘Subversion’ is running.

2. The Remote and Local computers should be in the same workgroup. If they are not in same workgroup, use the IP Address instead of the computer name when specifying the remote CDR server on the LabChip GX computer.

3. After creating the server and folder, if the Get Folder Details check box was selected, the server name, folder name, username, and password are saved in a text file in “C:\Program Files\Caliper Life Sciences\CDRServer\ServerDetails”. This information is required for backing up the local folder on the LabChip GX computer to the remote CDR folder.


To uninstall the LabChip GX software:


1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel.

2. Double click on Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

3. Select LabChip GX from the list of installed programs.

4. Click on the Remove button to uninstall the LabChip GX software.

LabChip GX V4.2 SP2:

New Features:

·     LabChip 24 chips can now be run on the LabChip GX and GXII instruments. (LCF-6136)

·     Added support for LabChip GX 1+, an upgrade to GX instruments that allows the instrument to run 24 Protein chips with the addition of a dongle and software upgrade. (LCF-6105)

Resolved Issues:

·     Double-clicking a file name now opens the LabChip GX software in Reviewer mode instead of Instrument mode. (LCF-5791)

LabChip GX V4.2:

New Features:

·     Added new feature to select the samples to be run and/or the sample names based on the plate barcode. (LCF-5634)

·     Data File Name elements can now be added to the data file name template in any order. (LCF-5640)

·     Added ability to split a peak in the Graph View. (LCF-5621)

·     Added ability to set a single baseline for a range of peaks in the Graph View. (LCF-5622)

·     Added ability to scroll the Egram View horizontally when zoomed. (LCF-5636)

·     Footers in printed data have been expanded to include additional information, including Operator Name, Instrument Name, Software and Firmware versions, Data File information. Signing information is also included if the 21 CFR Part 11 option is installed. (LCF-5637, LCF-5664)

·     Sample Name Editor can now display sample names by quadrant. (LCF-5635)

·     Graphic files of Gels and graphs now supports EMF file types. (LCF-5739)

·     The Diagnostics Report now reports the limits of the tests along with the results. (LCF-5787)

·     Reviewer mode is now available using a command line option from the shortcut icon instead of using Registry Keys. (LCF-5619)

LabChip GX V4.1 SP1:

New Features:

·     Lower limit of GQS region can now be changed in gDNA assays. (LCF-5551)

·     HT gDNA assay script improved to reduce DNA aggregates. (LCF-5559)

Resolved Issues:

·     GQS definition redefined to improve under-scoring of partially degraded samples. (LCF-5547)

·     Default smear name (Total Smear) in gDNA assay changed to Total gDNA for better clarity. (LCF-5548)

·     Changed reporting of concentration to plate concentration (instead of input concentration). (LCF-5548)

·     Fixed issue where negative areas for the GQS smear regions are being used in the GQS calculation. (LCF-5495)

·     RunInfo viewer now displays Time in 12 hr format with AM/PM modifier. (LCF-5517)

·     The Clog Test limits in the Diagnostics Limits report are now more clearly explained. (LCF-5523)

LabChip GX V4.1:

New Features:

·     LabChip GX V4.1 supports the new gDNA assay. (LCF-5398)

·     The installer now checks the Operating System version and displays a warning if the Operating System is not a supported version. (LCF-5372)

·     The Expiration date of Test Chips now displays in the Chip Status area. (LCF-5416)

·     Calculation of Smear Molarity has been improved. The Smear is now segmented into evenly spaced segments, based on the time specified in the Advanced tab of the Analysis Settings and Assay Editor window. Smear Molarity is calculated using the concentration and center size of each segment. All existing data files will use this new calculation with Integration Step Size set to 0.2 seconds. Existing files may report different Smear Molarity. The new value is more accurate. (LCF-5385)

Resolved Issues:

·     Resolved an issue where Well Label was duplicated in the Sample Name Editor during a run. (LCF-5402)

·     Resolved an issue where Export Table with Size reports N/A when first ladder fails analysis. (LCF-5477)

·     Resolved an issue where the LabChip GX software would display an “Invalid File” error when setting the run parameters using the LabChip GX Automation Control software. (LCF-5379)

·     Adding manual peaks when the sample data is shorter than the ladder data is now supported and does not cause an Unhandled Exception error. (LCF-5380)

·     The Event Log now displays a maximum of 10,000 messages, instead of 50,000, to prevent a “Parameter is not valid” error when starting the LabChip GX software. (LCF-5369)

·     Selecting a future ladder for a bracket ladder is now supported and displays a warning that the selection may result in poor sizing accuracy. This allows using bracketing ladders for the first row if the first ladder is bad. (LCF-5375)

·     If the Create Daily Subdirectory check box is selected, the paths in the AutoExport window can now be changed to a new folder, as long as the folder name is not a date. (LCF-5384)

Known Issues:

·     The Size Scale units may overlap if the Electropherogram is printed in Portrait orientation. To avoid this issue, either zoom in on the region of interest before printing or print the egram in Landscape orientation. (LCF-5471)

·     The Version Log History may log changes to the bracket ladder alignment when the first modification is made to the analysis if the bracket ladder was not run completely or if the ladder was bad. (LCF-5475)

LabChip GX V4.0 SP2:

New Features:

·     Added LabChip GX DirectControl support for MultiDx Chips. (LCF-5365)

LabChip GX V4.0 SP1:

Resolved Issues:

·     Leading zeros are now supported when specifying the column number in the Well Label column of the Sample Name Editor. For example, Well A1 can be specified as A1, A01, or A001. (LCF-5339)

·     The names of auto-exported files now match the data file name when the auto-export settings are imported from a run file. (LCF-5349)

·     Resolved an issue with printing previous and current IQ/OQ reports that occurred if the IQ/OQ tests were run in a previous software version, the locale was changed to any locale other than English (United States), and then the software was updated to V4.0 or higher. Previous and current IQ/OQ reports can now be printed after the software has been upgraded. (LCF-5330)

Known Issues:

·     If the locale was set to a locale other than English (United States) before installing an older version of the LabChip GX software and then the software is updated to V4.0 SP1, IQ reports run in the older LabChip GX software cannot be printed. If the locale is not English (United States), print IQ reports before upgrading the software. (LCF-5358)

LabChip GX V4.0:

New Features:

·     LabChip GX V4.0 supports the following new assays: 3 new CZE (HT Protein Charge Variant) assays and 2 new RNA Pico assays.

·     The Run tab on the Start Run window now contains Quadrant Select buttons (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4) to select or clear all of the wells in a specific quadrant of the plate. (LCF-5167)

·     The Excluded Peaks tab on the Assay Analysis window now includes an Exclude All option. When checked, all of the peaks in the specified range (Size +/- Window (%)) are excluded from the analysis. (LCF-5182)

·     The Optics Noise Test has been added to the Optics Tests in the Diagnostics Window. The Optics Noise Test uses Test Chip C to verify the signal noise is less than 1. (LCF-5239)

·     The Cypress Driver has been updated to V3.4.7. (LCF-5262)

·     The FTDI Driver has been updated to V2.08.24. (LCF-5199)

·     Removed the limit of 2000 samples from the HT DNA 1K/HS 5K/12K chip. The chip can now be used after the sample limit is exceeded. (LCF-5244)

·     The Chip Cartridge Interlock Test in System Diagnostics now verifies that the interlock is open when the cartridge is open. In previous versions, the interlock was only tested with the cartridge closed. (LCF-5191)

Resolved Issues:

·     Special characters are now allowed and display properly in the Sample Name and User Comments fields of the Editors opened from the Well Table as well as the Sample Name Editor. (LCF-5030)

·     Smear Smoothing now applies to high intensity smears as well as for low intensity smears below 20 RFU. (LCF-5141)

·     The firmware now disconnects after 5 seconds without communication with the software. This could occur if the software crashes and brings the port router down without properly disconnecting. (LCF-5267)

·     The Print option now uses the sample colors selected in the Overlay Electropherogram tab. (LCF-5252)

Known Issues:

·     Displaying data from different CZE assay types (68s, 90s, 110s) in the Overlay Electropherograms tab adjusts the time axis to match the first well added to the collection. Selecting a shorter assay first can result in displaying incomplete data for longer assays. Selecting a longer run first can result in displaying erroneous data after the stop time of shorter assays. (LCF-5322)

·     If another version of PDFCreator is already installed, then PDFCreator displays a location unavailable error message when installing the GX software. Click OK in the error message window to clear the error. This issue does not affect the installation. (LCF-5326)

·     In Windows 7, the Aero theme may cause dialogs to display as transparent with no options, text, or graphics displayed. To prevent this issue, use one of the Windows 7 Basic themes. To change the theme, right-click on the desktop, select Personalize, and then select any of the Basic themes. (LCF-5184)


Complete documentation is available in the LabChip GX.chm HTML Help file (accessible by selecting Helpŕ LabChip GX Help in the software) or in the LabChip GX User Manual.pdf.

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