Cross Reference Help

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To help you make the switch to PerkinElmer we have created the PerkinElmer XR (Cross Reference) tool.

To use this tool, simply:

  • Enter a competitor's product code/part number in the box below, for example TRK845 or CFA256.
  • Click ‘Search’.
  • Review product details.
  • Click on the PerkinElmer Catalog # to view that product.
Enter product code/part number

Learn more about the benefits of this Cross Reference tool (PDF)

This tool is currently able to search for the equivalent of the following products:

  • Radiochemicals from GE/Amersham, MP Biochemicals and Sigma Aldrich.
  • Film from GE/Amersham, ThermoFisher, VWR.
  • Liquid scintillation cocktails from National Diagnostics, Thermo-Fisher, MP Biochemicals(ICN), RPI Corp, Beckman.
  • Microplates from Greiner.
  • Nucleotide Analogs from GE/Amersham, Enzo, Roche, Invitrogen.
  • TSA Amplification products from invitrogen, DAKO.
  • Western Lighting products from, GE/Amersham, Thermo Fisher (Pierce), Milipore, KPL, Bio-Rad.