Search for Certificate of Analysis (and Technical Data)


PerkinElmer now archives lot-specific Certificates of Analysis for selected products. Begin your search by entering one of the following:

  • Enter the lot number of your product(e.g. 3558060 - see Note, below). The result of this search will be the Certificate of Analysis specific to that lot number.

  • Enter the PerkinElmer catalog number of your product(e.g. NEX402). The result of this search will be a list of all recorded production lots for that product. You may choose from among the lot numbers, and view the Certificates of Analysis on record.

Note: For kit and non-radioactive items, your lot number is located on that label attached to the box. For radiochemical products, the label is placed on the vial. Where can I find lot number?

The on-line archive includes Certificates of Analysis for production lots that are currently in stock as well as lots no longer available. For various production reasons, there may be two different lots in stock simultaneously. Please be sure to confirm your lot number. On-line publication of this documentation makes it easier for you to access it, more efficient for us to keep it up-to-date... and more environmentally friendly for all of us.

Certificate of Analysis information is available for AlphaScreen® Assays and Reagents, DELFIA® Assays and Reagents , LANCE® Reagents , Membrane Target Systems™ and NEN® Radiochemicals. Certificate of Analysis information will continue to be included in product shipments and not be available online for Indium-111, Yttrium-90 and Lutetium-177.