Thermal & Elemental Analysis

In thermal analysis, we know exactly what you need to run a productive lab and push the boundaries of science. With our instruments, you can mimic real-world production. Your productivity skyrockets. Why? There are many reasons, but here’s one. Because you can heat faster and cool faster than with any other instrument on the market, you can jump from the typical 20 samples a day to over 300.

Need to heat to a specific temperature and stop on a dime? Extreme control gives you extreme accuracy. The real deal, too—not a calculated answer based on an algorithm. Is a temperature range good enough for your QA/QC work? No problem. We have the right instrument for that too. And you can hyphenate our instruments to any other instrument we sell.

The other half of the story in thermal analysis is our unparalleled service. With expert engineers and service technicians around the globe, we service not only our own instruments but those of our competitors. You have the comfort of knowing your lab is future-proofed. We will keep you going, and upgrade you when you’re ready.