Multimode Detection

You demand industry-leading performance in multimode detection. Our instruments provide that performance, regardless of the detection technology. Photometric, fluorescence, absorbence, radiometric: you can pick and choose. We built these instruments based on our expertise in detection and assay chemistry. That’s why we can deliver the right solution for your lab.

But there’s more to success in multimode detection than high performance. Much more. You need software that both novices and experts find easy to use. You need instruments that can be configured to fit the needs of your lab for both throughput and detection technology. How about the flexibility to run microplates with 1 well or 3456 wells? Easy integration into robotic systems will turbocharge your lab’s production. An upgrade path will leverage your investment over time.

You also need a price tag you can afford. We provide top performance systems that fit your needs and budget. Come talk to us.