Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip capillary electrophoresis combines miniaturization, integration and automation to give you more time for your research while improving overall enterprise-wide productivity. Microfluidic chips are the key components of our LabChip® systems, including the LabChip GX Touch for genomics, LabChip GXII Touch for biotherapeutics, LabChip DS droplet spectrophotometer and LabChip XT/XTe for DNA sizing. All our LabChip platforms offer robust data accuracy and reproducibility at reduced cost and increased speed.

Chips are made up of a network of miniaturized, microfabricated channels through which fluids and chemicals are moved to perform experiments. The instrument and software control the movement of fluids via pressure or voltage, and an integrated optical system detects the results of the particular experiment.

'Sipper Chip at Work' (below) shows how compounds move into a 4-sipper chip through the capillaries by vacuum. Reagents are dispensed from reservoirs on the chip and mixed with compounds in microchannels. Reactions occur in the channels and the resulting reactant and product are separated by electrophoresis. Finally, the signals are measured by laser-induced fluorescence.

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