Automated Liquid Handling

Do you know why methods and assays need to be automated in your lab? Obviously it saves time. And it eliminates manual and tedious hand pipetting. It also improves reproducibility, reducing errors in multi-user labs, and it can conserve expensive reagents. Work with PerkinElmer, we make automation a breeze.

One. Our solutions let you start simple, with liquid handling. When you are ready to scale up to a complete walk-away solution, you add components and integrate to other instruments or accessories. With this modular design, it’s easy to reconfigure as your needs change—from throughput to capacity to different applications.

Two. We are experts in the assays and methods you are automating. We can work with you to refine your lab processes or set up complex integrations. After all, we have experts at PerkinElmer in all of the technologies in your lab. We can provide the instruments or integrate our automation systems with components from other vendors.

Three. Because we understand the science, we have designed every component of our solutions to fit your needs. For example, our modular dispensing technology lets you program the right dispense volume tool for each step in your protocol automatically, on the fly.