Atomic Spectroscopy

Whether you’re looking for AA, ICP-OES, or ICP-MS—or all three—you’ve come to the right place. We are the market leaders in all these technologies, with more than 50 years of innovation in inorganic analysis. We are ready to help you select the right instrument and the right options for your application. Plus, with factory-trained service and support experts in 125 countries, we will be at your side to ensure you get the great results you demand.

If you’re in a contract lab, we know you are looking for fast throughput. Time is money. Or maybe you want to analyze multiple elements at once or pinpoint trace and ultratrace concentrations. Ask us for examples of how we have helped labs achieve these goals.

If you’re a QA/QC lab, we know you want peace of mind. Credibility of results. You can rely on us. That’s why nine out of ten U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) offices use our products—and we are working on the tenth.

The bottom line in atomic spectroscopy? Astounding value and innovation from our most advanced to our entry-level instruments.

Introducing new solutions from the world leader in Atomic Spectroscopy: