Research scientists know that phenotypic screening is the way drug discovery is headed, delivering more predictive results – and relevance – than classic target-based screening alone. Introducing PerkinElmer Signals™ for Screening, the only platform that unites HTS and phenotypic data and enables Researchers to integrate, search, retrieve, and manage data from anywhere, inside or outside the firewall – fostering collaboration, increasing efficiencies, and enabling faster processing of ever-larger volumes of compounds. Finally, High Throughput and phenotypic screening data in one comprehensive platform.

PerkinElmer Signals for Screening



  • Combine High Content Screens with Target-based Assays
  • Manage Screening experiment data from inside or outside firewall
  • Analyze Screens in minutes, not months
  • Develop repeatable workflows


integrate data

Discover highly characterized and higher potential drug candidates from phenotypic screening campaigns. Integrate, search, and retrieve relevant data from across internal and external sources.


cloud-based solution

Cloud-based solution enables access to screening data across organizational boundaries and fosters collaboration within and across organizations.


effective collaboration

Enable effective collaboration within and across organizational boundaries.


high content screening data model

Out-of-the-box support for High-content screening and other plate-based screening data for easy search, aggregation, and analysis across screening results. Configurable and extensible. Apps can be combined to protocols; protocols can be saved and shared between users.

image management

Fully scalable image and data analysis on high performance computing in the cloud. Support for all screening and imaging techniques and guaranteed expansion to future platforms.

advanced statistical analysis

TIBCO Spotfire® extensions and templates for Principal Component Analysis, QC, Normalization, Machine Learning, Multivariate Analysis, Hit Stratification, Profiling, SAR, and other downstream biological analysis.

data visualization

Allows for content to be mined from distinct databases to enrich the visualization of data with full context of the experiment.

scientific workflows

Create configurable screening data analytics workflows for a wide range of applications. Balancing the needs for automation and flexibility using a workflow engine built entirely within TIBCO Spotfire® that enables the creation of reusable, standardized data.

scalable architecture

Support the entire organization with a single system that can grow on-demand; built-in search engine offers real-time search and retrieval.


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