Universal Adaptor

Universal Adaptor

Forrester estimates that 64% of the time spent on in a Business Intelligence (BI) initiative is spent identifying and profiling relevant data sources. Typically a Business Analyst or Scientist will engage directly with the data source owners to understand which data sources may contain data relevant to their question and how the data sources relate to each other.

To empower the scientist, the Universal Adaptor for TIBCO Spotfire®®, powered by Attivio®, samples critical content from disparate sources to understand the implicit relationship between the data sources, and subsequently provides an E-commerce-like self-service data source discovery portal for Business Analysts and Scientists to rapidly identify and link relevant project based data sets across disparate data systems. The Universal Adaptor can also suggest intermediate joins to connect related data sets even when the data sets do not directly reference each other. The resulting datamarts can be seamlessly provisioned to TIBCO Spotfire® or the data analysis tool of choice, dramatically reducing the time to insight and improving the quality of subsequent decisions and actions.

The Universal Adaptor for TIBCO Spotfire® unifies content from disparate sources and seamlessly provisions this information to TIBCO Spotfire®. This reduces to minutes what used to take months of manual processing.

Providing scientists with a unified view, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured information dramatically reduces the time to insight and improves the quality of decisions and actions.

Example use cases include:

  • Connect to your Hadoop Data Lake, correlate that with data stored in a data warehouse or relational database and intelligently pull relevant information into Spotfire.
  • Identify project based working sets to test hypotheses and business analytical questions from a variety of structured and unstructured, in-house and public datasources.
  • Curate, maintain, and archive legacy datasources.

For Better Analysis, PerkinElmer Signals Perspectives Universal Adaptor offers:

  • An eCommerce shopping like experience to identify and unify relevant data sources to support analytical questions and hypotheses
  • Natural language searchability of data sources
  • Suggestions of related datasources that might be relevant to the working dataset
  • On demand access to data sources without the need to involve IT
  • Ad-hoc addition of new data from database connection and file import

For better IT Management, PerkinElmer Signals Perspectives Universal Adaptor offers:

  • A single platform to unify content from structured and unstructured sources
  • Enrichment of sources with relevant dictionaries and ontologies
  • An easy to use interface to allow Business Analysts and Scientists to provision their own dataset and free up valuable IT support resources
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  • Provides an eCommerce-like shopping cart for data
  • Recommends the most relevant data for your context
  • Correlates all structured and unstructured data
  • Data is enriched with scientifically relevant dictionaries and ontologies
  • Simplifies provisioning of data to BI tools like TIBCO Spotfire®

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