PerkinElmer Signals Perspectives, powered by Attivio®, enables unified access to all relevant data sources for the first time in a common, data rich environment, thereby empowering scientists to make decisions based on all relevant information. This addresses the challenge all research organizations face with unifying the knowledge at their disposal - essential information is located in so many different places and formats ranging from databases to reports to social media that critical decisions are invariably made with incomplete information. Without action, this problem is getting worse: Gartner estimates that up to 90% of information assets in a typical enterprise will be inaccessible by 2017.


Universal Adaptor

Profile, identify, and unify data for analysis in TIBCO Spotfire® with the Universal Adaptor for TIBCO Spotfire®

Break the bottleneck between data sources and data consumers, thereby transforming the productivity of analysts and scientists who typically spend more than half of their analytics project time just trying for find and understand the data sources.

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Content Analytics

Enrich structured and unstructured content with Content Analytics

Analytical questions can be answered using your BI tool of choice, accessing the structured and enriched content from unstructured data to provide a unified view for analysis.

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unify data

Quickly expose hidden relationships between siloed data sources and build a unified, visual data model.

identify data

Ecommerce-like shopping experience for data, so you can easily identify the most relevant data for analysis.

profile information

Crawls through all of your data sources, where they live, and profiles and enriches the information to build a metadata catalog.

data analysis & visualization

Analysis and exploration power that comes from integration with BI tools like TIBCO Spotfire®.

data integration

Easy integration with internal and external data sources and other enterprise systems.

scalable architecture

Support the entire organization with a single system that can grow on-demand.

search analysis

Find correlated insights with search AND analysis from a unified platform.

enrich content

Apply relevant dictionaries, ontologies, and text analytics to illuminate hidden data.



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