OnPoint Custom Microplate Services

As part of PerkinElmer's OnPoint Reagent Services, we can custom coat or barcode our microplates to your specifications.

Microplate Coating Service

Our extensive experience with microplate coating technology allows us to be as flexible as your needs require. For example, we can:

  • Utilize your coating process and protocol to coat PerkinElmer microplates with our equipment.
  • Develop an application-specific coating process for you.
  • Modify an existing plate-coating formulation to suit your needs.
  • Deliver individually-pouched or bulk-packaged microplates.
  • Coating options from 96-wells to 1536-well formats.
  • Quick turn around, 3-5 weeks on average.

Use of existing raw materials and test methods, from our site or yours, significantly reduces lead times. Due to economies of scale, volume discounts can be applied to larger orders; please inquire. Our maximum lot size capabilities can vary depending on the number of plate-coating process steps.

Microplate coatings
 MB (med binding)HB (high binding)PDL (poly-D-lysine)TC (tissue culture-treated)Collagen
TreatmentNoneGamma IrradiatedPDLPlasmaCollagen
Binding Capacity220 ng/cm2600 ng/cm2N/AN/AN/A
BindingHydrophobicHydrophobic/ Ionic Hydrophilic/ IonicHydrophobic/ IonicHydrophobic/ Ionic
Sample PropertiesLarge biomolecules >20 KD with large or abundant hydrophobic regionsMedium to large biomolecules >10 KD that are positively charged with or without hydrophobic regionsEnhances cell attachment and bindingAllows cell attachment and bindingEnhances cell attachment and proliferation
Applications• Homogenous and heterogeneous assays
• General purpose (dilutions, etc.)
• Colorimetric assays (protein quantification)
• AVOID: cell-based assays
• Heterogeneous assays
• ELISA (perfect for immobilizing antibodies)
• Used for difficult to attach cells
• Helps cells stay attached during ELISA wash steps or wash steps within an assay protocol
• HEK293 cells
• Assays using adherent cell lines
• CHO Cells
Note: Gamma Irradiated (to sterilize)
Keratinocytes Hepatocytes

Microplate Barcoding Service

Most of our microplates and many others can be supplied with a high-quality barcode label. These plastic labels are waterproof, scratchproof, DMSO-resistant and withstand freezing to -80 °C. We offer:

  • Different label formats (10 x 65 mm or 6 x 65 mm)
  • Various barcode types (128, 39, ITF, etc.)
  • Labeling of any or all microplate sides
  • Multiple labels per plate
  • Custom sequences and custom information

For more information about any of our OnPoint services, contact your local PerkinElmer Sales Representative.