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Information Services

Partner with OneSource® Lab Computing Analysts to ensure lab instruments and information technology are always connected.

  • Hardware and software support & validation
  • Systems monitoring
  • Universal Operating Qualifications (UOQ)
  • IT Relocation
  • Instrument qualification
Our IT management teams are unique because they assume all responsibility of the IT team, implementation processes and guidelines applying their expertise in Research & Development and manufacturing IT environments.

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Laboratory Computing

When you partner with OneSource® Lab Computing our analysts ensure the IT in your lab is always ready for the next project, and as a result response time, instrument uptime, and overall scientific productivity is improved. OneSource IT professionals understand science and how scientific instrumentation and IT connect to contribute to better workflows and scientific outcomes.
  • In-lab science knowledgeable IT support
  • Data monitoring for proactive problem resolution
  • IT asset inventory & risk mitigation
  • Standard platform and data sweep technology deployment
  • cGxP and best practices
  • Chromatography Data Systems with Waters Empower software training

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Scientific Application Support

Partner with OneSource® Application Support services to manage the quality and compliance of your expanding Information Technology platforms. Laboratory data collection technology is an essential component of data backup and storage for the scientist satisfying 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.
  • Increased utilization of enterprise applications
  • Applications Development, Managment and Integration
  • Removes non-core application administration from critical personnel
  • Chromatography Data Services
  • Supports 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

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Scientific Data Analytics

OneSource® Scientific Data Services combine our Information Technology (IT) and scientific expertise to design next generation tools to deliver the right results from an ever increasing amount of laboratory data. Our experts will provide you with a complete informatics solution review allowing you to maximize your research investment.
  • Master data management schemes
  • Data analytics
  • Computational chemistry
  • System lifecycle management
  • Regulatory and compliance protocols

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