Instruments are only one component of what you need to do your work. We provide the entire solution—reagents, instruments, platforms, software, ready-to-go methods, fully tested and optimized consumables, customized training on applications. When you purchase an instrument from us, you open a relationship with a partner dedicated to your success. And you gain peace of mind, knowing that you can use the instrument on the day it arrives and that you can get everything you need for that instrument from one source.

We will stand by you as you grow and as the requirements in your industry change. You may be entering a new field or already performing at a very advanced level. You may be a small lab or a huge one. Whatever your situation, we have the application expertise to help you. And we have instruments that can be easily configured or hyphenated as well as upgrade paths through product families.

The wellspring of our innovation in instruments is our knowledge about what you do. As scientists and engineers, we deeply understand your challenges. And we understand the opportunities to meet those challenges that new technologies present. We have a 70-year track record of leveraging new technology to create powerful, fast, easy-to-use instruments.

We partner not only with you but also with industry leaders and regulatory boards. These relationships help us build the right solutions for you.