Cord Blood

As a parent, you want to protect your family. At your baby’s birth, you have the opportunity to safeguard the ones you love. Stem cells in the blood of your baby’s umbilical cord can be used in the treatment of nearly 80 diseases today.

Cord blood banking is easy to do, after a vaginal or cesarean birth. Your obstetrician or midwife takes a few minutes to painlessly collect the blood when the cord is cut. Your baby’s cord blood will then be transferred to ViaCord’s state-of-the-art processing facility by private medical courier for processing and storage.

Should there ever be a need, you can feel confident that you have easy access to a valuable source of stem cells for your family’s use. Cord blood stem cells can be a powerful therapy and a better treatment option or possibly the only option when no other exists.

ViaCord is much more than a cord blood bank. As part of PerkinElmer, we are dedicated to protecting your pregnancy, your baby, and your family. We are scientists and engineers, pioneering new innovations in prenatal and newborn health. This scientific expertise is at the core of everything we do. Including our commitment to finding new applications for cord blood stem cells to protect your family’s health as we enter this new era of regenerative medicine.