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VivoTrack 680 NIR Fluorescent Imaging Agent (Standard Kit)

Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent agent for in vivo imaging and other applications.

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For laboratory use only. This product is intended for animal research only and not for use in humans.

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Detail Information

VivoTrack 680 fluorescent agent is a water soluble NIR cell labeling agent that can label a variety of cell types for applications in inflammation, immunology, and stem cells

  • Track stem cells, T cells, macrophages and many other cell types longitudinally in vivo
  • Water soluble - no need for harsh organics such as DMSO or ethanol, chemicals known to affect cell function.
  • Homogeneous cell staining with no impact on cell viability
  • Optimized for in vivo use with PerkinElmer’s in vivo imaging instruments

The kit contains 5 vials of VivoTrack 680, each containing 0.2 mg of the labeling agent formulated in polyethylene glycol and is in dry solid form. The packaged material in each vial provides sufficient reagent to label up to 2 x 108 cells.


Fluorescent Agent Type Cell labeling
Optical Imaging Classification Fluorescence Imaging
Product Brand Name VivoTrack
Quantity in a Package Amount 5.0 Units
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Therapeutic Area Inflammation
Unit Size 1 Kit (5 Vials)
Wave Length 680 nm
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Application Note

NIR Fluorescent Cell Labeling for In Vivo Cell Tracking (VivoTrack 680)

Fluorescent dyes have been used for many years to label cells for microscopy studies, and a variety of dyes in the visible fluorescence spectrum are available to label different cellular compartments and organelles. Efficient delivery of the fluorophore to the cell without excessively modifying surface proteins or perturbing cell function is the major biotechnological challenge. In addition, researchers have taken on the challenge of in vivo imaging, focusing on near infrared (NIR) dyes that fluoresce in a spectral region better suited for in vivo imaging due to reduced background and higher tissue penetration. Here we introduce VivoTrack™ 680, a novel NIR dye that has a long aliphatic tail to facilitate intercalation into the lipid bilayer of the cell. This agent can label a variety of cells brightly and uniformly without requiring harsh organics such as DMSO or ethanol, chemicals known to affect cell function. The labeled cells retain excellent viability and normal proliferative capacity, and significant signal is retained in dividing cells in vitro for more than 7 days. Many different cell types can be labeled for in vivo transfer or implantation, and in vivo utility is illustrated,by non-invasively tracking fluorescent primary macrophages to sites of inflammation by NIR fluorescent imaging.


Data Sheet

VivoTrack 680 (Standard Kit) (Data Sheet)

VivoTrack 680 (Standard Kit) is a near infrared fluorescent cell labeling agent that intercalates into the plasma membrane of primary cells and cell lines. Cells are brightly labeled and retain excellent viability and function, with the near infrared wavelength of the fluorescence offering optimal in vitro and in vivo detection.

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