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Syngistix for AA Software

Syngistix™ for AA Software is a workflow-based software designed to speed and simplify the journey from sample to results across a wide range of atomic absorption techniques—Flame (PinAAcle™ 500/900F), Furnace (PinAAcle™ 900H/T/Z), FIAS-MHS/Flame/Furnace, FIMS and MHS.

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The software’s intuitive interface mirrors the progression of the workflow, guiding users through each step for greater control and confidence.

Syngistix for AA Software is available for the current PinAAcle 500 and 900 spectrometers, as well as the earlier AAnalyst 200/400/600/700/800 instruments with Microsoft® Windows® 7 OS computers.

Finally, Syngistix software is designed to offer a harmonized user experience across PerkinElmer’s AA, ICP and ICP-MS platforms, making it easier to transition from technique to technique.

Technology Type Atomic Absorption