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Productivity Configuration Sample Introduction Kit for NexION 2000/1000

This Productivity Configuration sample introduction kit is for NexION® 2000 and 1000 ICP-MS series instruments.

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Detail Information

PerkinElmer introduces the NexION 2000 and 1000 ICP-MS high throuput (Black) solution-ready sample introduction technology. Engineered with FAST capabilities to maximize productivity, this high-performance system utilizes superior sample introduction components and Peltier chiller to maximize accuracy and precision.

This kit includes:

  • 2.0 mm I.D. Demountable Quartz Injector (N8152376)
  • Type C PFA ST3 Nebulizer (N8152378)
  • Demountable Quartz Torch (N8152379)
  • Glass Cyclonic C3 High Sensitivity Spray Chamber with Matrix Gas Port (N8152389)
  • PC3X Peltier Cyclonic Spray Chamber System (N8152382)
  • Torch Light Shield Disk (N8152377)
  • Furrule-Nut Set with 1/4-28 Hi Flow Valve for 1/16" O.D. Tubing, Qty. 10 (N0777283)
  • Ferrule-Nut Set with 1/4-28 Hi Flow Valves for 1/8" Tubing, Qty. 10 (N0777297)
  • Sample Loop for Ports 1 and 4, 0.5 mL (N0777289)
  • 0.8 mm I.D. Sample Loop, 300 µL (N0777430)
  • 1.0 mm I.D. Sample Loop, 2 mL (N0777479)
  • 1.0 mm I.D. Sample Loop, 4 mL (N0777480)
  • 1.0 mm I.D. Sample Loop, 1 mL (N0777664)
  • 1.0 mm I.D. Sample Loop, 1.5 mL (N0777665)
  • 1.0 mm I.D. Sample Loop, 0.5 mL (N0777666)
  • 1.0 mm I.D. Sample Loop, 3 mL (N0777667)
  • Holder for FAST Internal Standard and Carrier Solution Bottles (N0777777)
  • RS485 Serial Cable Assembly (N2024191)
  • Female CTFE Barb Fitting (N8145018)
  • SC-FAST Waste Line (N8145536)
  • FAST 1 Valve with P7 (N8152359)
  • MP2 PeriPump (N8152364)
  • Matrix Gas Line (N8152374)
  • FAST Pump Tubing Starter Kit (N8152380)
  • Cyclonic Spray Chamber/Cassette UV Light Shield (N8152425)
  • Black Torch Cassette (N8152433)
  • Torch Injector Nut Removal Tool (N8152443)
  • Torch Injector Nut (N8152451)
  • 0.5 mm I.D. Sample Introduction Line for PFA-ST Nebulizer (N8152455)
  • 0.8 mm I.D. PTFE Drain Line Tubing with 1/4-28 Fitting (N8152456)
  • PC3X Spray Chamber/Cassette UV Light Shield (N8152475)
  • 1/4-28 Port CTFE Plug (N8152718)


Model Compatible With NexION 2000, NexION 1000
Product Group Sample Introduction Kits
Technology Type ICP-MS