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Stainless Steel High Pressure Capsules

Pans contain the sample in a sealed environment throughout an experiment. The sealing suppresses the vaporization of a solvent or contains a volatile reaction product, thereby eliminating the interfering effects of the heat of vaporization.

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Includes 5 stainless steel capsules and 20 gold-plated copper seals. For DSC runs where high pressure is expected in the capsule, we recommend you use high pressure capsules. The capsules are safe to handle due to a bursting disk on the cover of the capsule which allows the sample to escape if the pressure should exceed 150 atmospheres. The use of high pressure capsules in DSC permits suppressing the endothermic signal resulting from the volatilization of sample material or from the volatilization or decomposition of reaction by-products. High pressure capsules permit the study of explosive materials and can be used in any situation where the advantage of a self-generating atmosphere is to be employed. Capsules available in steel, gold-plated steel and titanium. Can withstand an internal pressure of 150 atmospheres maximum. Broad temperature range, subambient to 400 deg C. Capsules are reusable after sealing. Used in hazard testing. Reusable stainless steel capsules with internal volume of 30 microliters. Operating range subambient to 400 deg C unless otherwise limited by sample vapor pressure, not to exceed 150 bar. Includes five capsules and 20 gold-plated copper seals. The sealer for the original high pressure capsules has been discontinued. The specifications of the original high pressure capsules are identical to the new high pressure capsules. Reusable, includes 5 Pans and 20 Gold-Plated Seals, uses Replacement Seals (B0182905).


Material Stainless Steel
Product Group Sample Pans
Volume Capacity 30 µL