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The Quantulus GCT 6220 is a liquid scintillation counter for ultra low-level sensitivity, in a lighter benchtop footprint to fit any lab. It has extremely high sensitivity and unmatched detection of low level Alpha and Beta radioactivity.

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  • Bismuth Germanium Oxide (BGO)
  • Guard Compensation Technology (GCT)
  • Pulse Amplitude Comparator (PAC)
  • Pulse Shape Analyzer (PSA)
  • Temperature control for very reproducible counting
  • Movable, space-saving benchtop design
  • Measures 3H water samples to less than 1 Bq/L
  • 14C benzene sample-dating up to 51,000 years
  • Measure 14C in Bioethanol concentration less than 1%
  • Optional 2D barcode reader
  • Instrument Performance Assessment (IPA) for monitoring eight critical parameters historically
  • Triple-label DPM for counting three radionuclides in the same sample
  • Super low-level count mode for reduced backgrounds
  • Work-list software for positive sample identification
  • Sample PrioStat™ Special Function Interrupt mode for manual preview of sample counting to verify settings before actual acquisition
  • 60 user protocols with unlimited assays
  • Color-corrected single- and dual-label DPM
  • Replay sample recall and reprocessing without recounting
  • TR-LSC® electronic background discrimination
  • SpectraView™ live spectral display and plotting
  • Preset or user-defined radionuclide settings for three counting regions
  • Enhanced direct DPM for easy single-label DPM without the need to store quench standards
  • Luminescence detection
  • Single-photon counting for bioluminescence assays
  • Instrument operational-status LED indicator for clear assay status updates at a glance
  • A fold-away ergonomic arm that provides the flexibility to enter data either sitting or standing


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible No
Portable No

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Brochure Scintillating Results At Your Lowest Concentrations PDF 4 MB
Application Note Environmental Sample Preparation for LSC PDF 1 MB
Specification Sheet Quantulus™ GCT 6220 Low Activity Liquid Scintillation Analyzer PDF 598 KB