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OPAL 6-color fIHC Kit, 250 slides

Opal™ is a practical workflow for simultaneous detection of up to 6 tissue biomarkers plus nuclear counterstain, within a single image. The method is similar to standard immunohistochemistry and is accessible to many laboratories where standard IHC method development is performed.

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Opal™ 6-color IHC Kits make multiplex methods accessible to anyone who works with standard immunohistochemistry. The Opal method allows use of any number of unlabeled primary antibodies from the same species in multiplexed tissue assays, with no fear of cross-reactivity. Antibodies for simultaneous IHC may be selected based on performance, rather than species. The method works with formalin fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue and is compatible with the standard research IHC workflow in your lab.

This kit contains 5 reactive fluorophores plus Spectral DAPI and AR6 buffer for multiplex staining protocols. Users should source primary antibodies, HRP conjugates and other workflow reagents separately. The Opal 6-color IHC Kit was configured and validated for imaging on the Vectra and Mantra Systems. Contains enough reagents to stain 250 slides.

Opal™ provides researchers with the tools to interrogate multiple pathways while retaining context provided by tissue images. This approach provides information that is not available from alternative techniques like flow cytometry or analysis of single markers in serial sections. Opal will enable you to:

  • Measure three or more tissue biomarkers at once.
  • Use the best primary antibodies together in multiplex panels, with no species based crosstalk.
  • Retain spatial cellular context that is lost in flow cytometry.
  • Confirm single cell co-expression for many biomarkers in one tissue section.
  • Get more information while conserving precious tissue.



Detection Method Fluorescence
Fluorophore DAPI, Opal 520, Opal 540, Opal 570, Opal 620, Opal 690
Product Brand Name Opal
Quantity in a Package Amount 1.0 per pack
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Unit Size 250 slides


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