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Nuance FX Multiplex Biomarker Imaging System

The Nuance® FX multiplex biomarker imaging system is specifically tailored to meet the majority of all brightfield and fluorescence microscopy imaging applications.

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Flexible bandwidth multispectral microscopy. The Nuance® FX multiplex biomarker imaging system is specifically tailored to meet the majority of all brightfield and fluorescence microscopy imaging applications. The system utilizes an optimized, high-throughput tunable filter distinctly matched to the bandwidths of common molecular markers. This solid-state filter is electronically switchable to maximize either sensitivity or throughput, enabling the Nuance FX to provide either chromogenic or fluorescence-based imaging. Nuance acquisition software incorporates easy to use tools for building custom spectral libraries, as well as powerful unmixing and analysis algorithms allowing spectral characterization and quantitation for each of the multi-labeled components in an image. inForm advanced image analysis software is also an available option for rapid analysis of targeted tissues and batch processing of user-specified regions across multiple images.

Disclaimer: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible No
Detection Method Fluorescence, Brightfield
Interface USB 2.0
Light Source Na
Maximum Temperature 28 °C
Optical Imaging Classification Brightfield, Fluorescence
Portable Yes
Product Brand Name Nuance
Research Areas Cancer Research

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