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L-Ornithine, Hydrochloride, [3H(G)]

L-Ornithine is an important metabolic intermediate of the urea cycle and arginine biosynthesis. The enzyme activities of various enzymes such as Ornithine decarboxylase, Ornithine transcarbamylase, and Ornithine amino transferase are being intensely studied in apoptosis, epigenetics and cancer.

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Concentration 1 mCi/mL
Detection Method Radiometric
Label Position Specifically Labeled
Molecular Weight 168.62
Product Brand Name NEN Radiochemicals
Radioisotope H-3
Radionuclide 3H
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Special Ordering Information This is a radioactive product - shipping address must have a license to receive radioactive materials.
Unit Size 250 ┬ÁCi

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