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The Elements platform provides a cost-effective solution for safe, secure record-keeping that eliminates the need for investment in on premise, infrastructure. Elements is inexpensive, collaborative, social, and adapts to your science. With Elements users can easily collaborate across organizations.

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The simplicity and cloud technology offered by Elements will revolutionize how scientists collect and share data and information in the lab and classroom alike, addressing their unique challenges:

  • Built for any science: Purpose built scientific apps allow for quick and easy customization, whether you’re a biologist, chemist, or physicist, with Elements you’re covered.
  • Collaborative: Housed in the cloud, Elements enables users access from anywhere. Easily invite colleagues to share and promote external collaboration that other ELNs do not.
  • Cloud computing: It's more than technology - Elements provides collaborative opportunities to exchange information and connect with others. With the cloud, your data lasts; does not get lost, isolated, destroyed, or compromised.
  • Remote access: Just an internet connection puts your work at your fingertips. On the road, at conferences, in the field, at home, anywhere, anytime, anyplace you want.
  • Available 24/7: great for global sharing across time zones.
  • Open: works on any platform, browser, device – iPhones, Androids, tablets & desktops.
  • Not paper: Gives institutions a cloud to dynamically store, search and retrieve data, transcending static paper notebooks. Elements enables searching, auditing data and organization wide use of the knowledge created by others, over time.
  • Secure: encrypted, requires username and password at login. Regularly backed up.
  • Affordable: fits into any budget by leveraging the cloud; no deployment and maintenance fees.

Elements Features:

  • Expandable platform: Sets the stage for a rapid pace of innovation by delivering an application framework for deep scientific support through modular apps that can be combined into sophisticated scientific experiments. The Elements framework is designed for expansion so that PerkinElmer can continually create and deploy new scientific applications to academic and commercial users.
  • 100 percent cloud-based: While conventional ELNs offer limited cloud capabilities combined with a standard server-on-site model, the Elements platform is 100 percent cloud-based. This enables users to be up and running in minutes without the need for lengthy deployment and installation steps.
  • Electronic data capture: The Elements framework facilitates easy, effective data capture and electronic collaboration within an individual research group or among varying research groups. This approach is ideal for university students and professors in a classroom or lab instruction setting.
  • Sharing and collaborating: Elements was built with collaborative capabilities at it’s core. It is very easy to initiate collaborations between team members, either by allowing viewing and commenting or giving full edit rights to your work. Once the collaboration comes to an end, it is just as easy to unshare or initiate collaboration with different people on your team.
  • Complete Data Export: Elements provides a unique open structure and enables the user to export all their data back out of the system at any time. Whether at the user level, the notebook level or the experiment level, an export function enables you to extract and zip up all your data entered in Elements.
  • ChemDraw® integration: Embeds PerkinElmer's drawing tool so that chemical compounds and reactions can be easily drawn and captured in the Elements framework, in addition to creating publication-ready, scientifically intelligent drawings for use in databases and publications.
  • ChemDraw® Stoichiometry table: ChemDraw is linked to a dynamically updated stoichiometric table to help scientists automate the recording of their synthesis reaction write up. Various calculations will auto-populate fields in this table based on the user's reaction drawing and data entry, thus simplifying and speeding up the work required to write up their experiments. IUPAC names, labels, molecular weights & formulas are automatically generated from the chemical drawing and new rows are created in both the reactant and product stoichiometry tables. When adding numeric data, units are automatically added with the option to change afterwards. Entering certain fields will trigger calculation of other fields and vice versa. You still may change values manually as well.
  • Web based with Zero footprint: Access to Element is achieved by connecting from most web browsers (we support Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) and does not require any installation on the Client machine (hence zero footprint), making it instantly deployable to any user.

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