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DEAE Filtermat

The 96-position DEAE filtermat can be used in the range from pH 2 to pH 9 and is suitable for assays of any negatively-charged labeled compound (for example, reverse transcriptase assays). It is counted in MicroBeta TriLux using the Filter Cassette (1450-104).

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PerkinElmer filtermats are available in 96- or 24- formats and in a variety of different materials. Compared to filter plates, there are six main advantages to the use of filtermats:

  • Price
  • Waste volume is minimized
  • MeltiLex®, a solid scintillator can be used
  • Counting geometry and therefore counting efficiency is unsurpassed
  • Free choice of harvester
  • Rapid drying

There are two types of marking on our filtermats. A grid is printed to help alignment in the harvester and counting cassette and markings along the edge of the filtermat can be used as an identifier.



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