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Anti-DIG Alpha Donor beads, 5 mg

Alpha Donor beads conjugated to anti-DIG (digoxin) antibody. This bead can be used to capture Dig-labeled biomolecules for Alpha no-wash assays.

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Alpha Donor beads conjugated to anti-Digoxin antibody. Anti-Dig beads are a good alternative to streptavidin Donor beads for assays where biotin in samples (e.g., culture media) might interfere. These beads can be used to capture Dig-labeled antibodies, proteins and peptides, and can be used in conjunction with AlphaScreen, AlphaLISA, or AlphaPlex Acceptor beads to create no-wash assays for:

  • Analyte detection assays
  • Protein-protein interaction assays
  • Protein-DNA interaction assays
  • Protein-RNA interaction assays
  • Protein-small molecule interaction assays
  • Protein detection assays
  • Enzymatic assays

In a typical Alpha assay, 1 mg of beads is sufficient to run 1,000-2,000 wells using a 25 ┬ÁL reaction volume. Bead concentration can be adjusted for optimal performance.

Disclaimer:  For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Antibody Conjugates Anti-DIG
Automation Compatible Yes
Bead Type or Core Bead Type Alpha Donor
Product Brand Name Alpha
Quantity in a Package Amount 1.0 Units
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Unit Size 5 mg