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Biotin-anti-H3K79me2 antibody, 2 µg (AlphaLISA)

Biotinylated antibody against human histone H3 that is dimethylated on Lysine 79. This antibody is intended for use in AlphaLISA® no-wash epigenetic assays using DOT1L methyltransferase with oligonucleosome substrates.

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AL148C 2 µg 1339.00 USD
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AlphaLISA® antibody designed to detect Human Histone H3 that is dimethylated on Lysine 79 in a homogeneous AlphaLISA assay. Broad species cross-reactivity is expected based on sequence similarity. Source of antibody: monoclonal. The biotin-anti-dimethyl-Histone H3 Lysine 79 (H3K79me2) AlphaLISA antibody was used for the development and optimization of a DOT1L methyltransferase assay using oligonucleosomes as substrate. A technical note describing the assay is available in our product literature.

Disclaimer: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Automation Compatible Yes
Detection Method Alpha
Experimental Type In vitro
Molecular Modification Methylation
One Unit Contains 1 each
Product Brand Name AlphaLISA
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Unit Size 2 µg

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Resource Type File Name File Format
Technical Note AlphaLISA DOT1L Histone H3 Lysine-N-methyltransferase Assay PDF 748 KB