Efficient And Intuitive Workflows Expedite Your Research While Maintaining Data Integrity

The G4 and G8 were designed specifically for small animal preclinical PET imaging applications. The systems aim to make PET imaging assessable to more preclinical imaging researchers. With the G-Platform, PerkinElmer offers a full solution to the translational researcher from probe synthesis to data analysis, with intuitive workflows that have been designed to seamlessly integrate with your current processes.


Probe Synthesis And Development

PerkinElmer is a leading provider of long-lived isotopes 89Zr and 124I, offering expertise in probe design and synthesis. The Sofie ELIXYS system facilitates onsite synthesis of 18F and 89Zr imaging probes.

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Streamlined Animal Prep And Monitoring

Streamlined Animal Prep And Monitoring

Spend less time preparing animals for imaging and more time focusing on experiments with integrated anesthesia and docking stations.

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Image Acquisition

Image Acquisition And Analysis

Quickly generate more complex protocols with just a few clicks, or use preset imaging protocols. Export data in DICOM format for analysis and seamless fusion to Optical data sets.

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PET Probe Imaging Services

PET Probe And Imaging Services

Whether you are currently performing PET studies, are interested in incorporating PET into your current research workflows, or need assistance in radiolabeling compounds, PerkinElmer can guide you through all aspects of the PET implementation process.
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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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