Overview Of G-Platform PET Preclinical Imaging Systems

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Innovative, Sensitive, Intuitive, Flexible, Compact

PerkinElmer and Sofie Biosciences have partnered together to introduce the G-Platform portfolio of PET instruments, revolutionizing the small animal PET imaging field. These highly versatile systems are designed to integrate into current preclinical research workflows in a broad range of applications from neurology, oncology, cardiology, biodistribution and drug discovery.

The G-Platform surrounds the animal with panel detectors, providing a unique geometry and high performance PET scanner in a benchtop form factor. This design brings the detectors closer to the subject, increasing system sensitivity to lower radiation dose and provide near uniform resolution across the field of view.

The detector geometry allows the G-Platform to become highly sensitive to trace amounts of radioactivity. With high sensitivity levels, and near uniform resolution across the imaging field of view, the G-Platform produces quantitative PET data with less radioactivity per injection, meaning less dose to you and your animal.

Similar to the IVIS line, G-Platform acts more like an imaging lab than simply an imaging scanner. From imaging protocol setup to animal preparation through data analysis, optimized workflows reduce setup and training times, leading to more time to focus on your research.

The G-Platform software offers multiple modes of operation, increasing system flexibility.

  • General User mode relies on preloaded protocols and optimized imaging parameters for a simple, convenient acquisition workflow for users of all experience levels.
  • Physicist User mode emphasizes operational flexibility and gives experienced PET users the ability to modulate key acquisition and reconstruction parameters across all user profiles.
  • Administrator mode allows easy exporting of usage data by project or users for grant or billing reconciliation.

With the idea to make PET accessible to more in vivo preclinical researchers, the systems were designed to fit easily in any lab. Weighing less than 300 pounds with a footprint of approximately 24” x 24”, the systems can be installed on a lab bench without additional infrastructure. Systems can be moved between various lab locations allowing more access to PET imaging across facilities.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.