The PerkinElmer 226 Sample Collection Device

The PerkinElmer 226 Sample Collection Device offers a minimally invasive technique providing many advantages over venipuncture.

  • Reduces discomfort and inconvenience for the donor
  • Collection is simple eliminating the need for a phlebotomist
  • Provides an efficient method of storage and transportation.

PerkinElmer 226 is a 100% pure cotton linter filter paper validated for even and uniform sample distribution. This feature delivers reliable and homogenous analytical results from across the dried sample area. Being chemical free adds a level of safety and testing purity. Desiccation is not required before and/or after your sample has been applied in most situations. Simply apply your sample, allow it to dry completely, and then you are ready to ship or analyze.

PerkinElmer can custom-print and convert the Grade 226 Paper into a device format that meets your specialized requirements. Our capabilities also include printing barcodes and serialized numbers onto your devices to make them unique and traceable.

FDA Registered Facility