NEN Radiochemicals

Microplates & Consumables

There have been significant changes in the radiochemicals market over the last year, and we know these changes can affect your research efforts. Be assured that, as always, PerkinElmer remains committed to providing you and your research groups with the broadest and deepest range of radioactive products possible. These are available through our growing catalog of reagents, as well as our expanded capacity for specialized services – such as our GMP services for custom radiosynthesized compounds.

PerkinElmer’s presence in providing radiochemicals for your critical research areas continues to grow – in fact, we have already launched several new catalog items. In order to keep you informed of our expanding portfolio, we have created a New Radiochemicals product page and a monthly NEN Radiochemicals New Product Update.

New to PerkinElmer? Welcome to Our House!

For those customers who are new to PerkinElmer, we welcome you and invite you to take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art NEN radiochemical manufacturing facility. Also, if you are making the switch to PerkinElmer, we have updated our radioactive product cross reference tool to help ease your transition.

Not familiar with the PerkinElmer NENSure™ vial? We’ve created a video explaining the reasons why we ship in blue versus lead. Short on time? Click here for a single-page flyer.

Finally, you’ll find our most current listing of radiometric products in our latest Radiometric Reagent Guide, and we just finished our 2010 fresh lot schedules to help you plan for the coming year. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative. We are very proud of our unbroken 50-year legacy in radiochemicals, and will continue the strong tradition of NEN radiochemicals as we further our commitment to you and your research.