Custom Labeling and Assay Development

“A key part of our custom assay development service is the scientist-to-scientist interaction, from the start of a project to the successful completion of the project. We make custom assay development simpler and easier for drug discovery scientists.”
Martina Bielefeld-Sevigny, Vice President and General Manager, PerkinElmer Discovery and Research Reagents

Leading pharmaceutical and biotech firms choose PerkinElmer as their assay development partner because we deliver on four important fronts.


From our proprietary bead-based AlphaLISA™ technology, to the innovative ULight red-shifted dye, Lance®Ultra assay, and Aequorin luminescent cell lines, we bring the latest, reliable advances to your assays.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Offloading assay development to us allows you to focus on the research at hand, making your lab more productive and cost-efficient.


From accurately predicting timelines to minimizing any disruption to workflow, we have a process that delivers.

Clear Proof

We developed the reagents and cell lines that work, and we develop the best possible assay platforms for our partners’ needs. That’s why we’re the choice of leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies.